Step 1

Client uploads the data (invoices/ receipts/ statements) on Dropbox or on softwares like Hubdoc or Entryless.

Step 2

Our team accesses this data and intimates you of the data received.

Step 3

Work is then assigned by the team lead to a team member

Step 4

Team accesses the software online e.g. Quickbooks online or Xero

Step 5

Team lead reviews the work done

Step 6

Team lead intimates the client of the progress of the work and of queries, if any.

Documents Needed

  1. Bank statements and access to check images of checks issued and deposited
  2. Credit card and Paypal statements
  3. Invoices
  4. Bills/ Receipts
  5. Credit notes received/ issued

How We Communicate

  1. Each client is assigned a manager
  2. Manager is available for call from IST 8 am to 10 pm, or as needed
  3. You can also reach them via Skype or email
  4. We prefer to have at least 1 weekly meeting with the client to stay updated of any developments at your end, and also to take your feedback so that we can work upon any issues that you might be facing.

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