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Bookkeeping And Accounting

Maintenance of proper accounts is critical to the success of your business. The expert team of Fruxient is geared to provide timely, hassle-free and accurate accounting services to your business at an affordable cost.

We can take care of your company’s daily transaction recording in the virtual accounting system. We will also maintain the books and records as per the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and local rules and regulations.

Our services include:

  • Setting up accounting systems and software properly
  • Bookkeeping (recording Transactions, maintenance of General Ledger and passing of Journal entries)
  • Reconciliation of AccountsReceivable & Accounts Payable.
  • Monthly Reconciliation of Credit Card Accounts and Bank Accounts
  • Vat ledgers and coding
  • Running checks and end of year processes
  • Preparation of final accounts and various other reports for analytical purposes
  • Providing general business administrative support

AP And AR Processing

Having problems in managing the Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) of your business? We understand that as an entrepreneur, most of your time should be spent on growing your business, and not in managing the payables and receivables. If this is taking up too much of your time, then it is time to outsource it to the experts of Fruxient Analytics.

We are proficient in managing the AP and AR of companies in a systematic way using Hubdoc and However, we are also comfortable in using various other software, and there are chances that we will be able to use any custom-made software that you are already using.

Some of the services that we provide are:

  • Document storage and retrieval
  • Receiving and processing incoming invoices.
  • Audit and reconciliation of scanned invoices
  • Preparing invoices for approval

Data Analytics

There is a famous Quote – “In God we trust, all others must bring data”. Data is already an asset which you own. But how you use it shall determine your decision making. An incompetent data analysis could give you an incorrect picture, which could jeopardise your business strategy. Hence, it's always important to view money spent on good data analysis as an investment, rather than an expense.

Scope of our services :

  • Building the data foundation: Effective analytics starts with Well-organised, relevant and accurate data.
  • Turn your data into a superpower: Map the relevant data and against correct parameters for it to work for you.
  • Improve Business performance: Rationalise Operations and gain customer insights. Boost Growth through strategic pricing models and data driven marketing. Maximise profits..

Management Accounting

Every business needs to analyze its financials, and compare them with estimates and targets, to get a better understanding of the right and wrong moves undertaken. We help you do that with our experts helping you out in the fields of:

  • Profit and loss statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Variance Reports
  • Benchmarking
And many more.

VAT Returns:

We can take care of Vat Returns of different types – Flat Rate, Standard VAT and Cash VAT. The software we use can file VAT with HMRC(UK) directly. For non-HMRC clients, the returns are filed with the appropriate government agencies respectively.

A VAT return is a form you file with HMRC, usually four times a year, to show how much VAT you are due to pay them. If you're not registered for VAT, you won't file VAT returns.

The VAT return shows the calculation of the amount of VAT due on sales minus the amount of VAT reclaimable on purchases. The result is the amount payable to HMRC.

If the amount reclaimable on purchases is more than the amount due on sales, HMRC will give you the difference back! You can file your VAT return through HRC's own website, or can use an online accounting service like Quickbooks which will help you fill in your VAT return, then allow you to submit it directly to HMRC for you.

Liasoning and Agency Services

This is a unique offering from us which allows you to have all solutions at your fingertips. There are many functions which are outside our scope of work. eg, Digital Marketing, website designing, Graphics Designing Ebook and Blog Writing, Procurement outsourcing, etc. However, we are in touch with experts who can do this for you at a fraction of a cost of what you would have otherwise incurred.

Procurement outsourcing is the transfer of specified procurement activities relating to sourcing and supplier management to a third party — perhaps to reduce overall costs or maybe to tighten the company's focus on its core competencies.

Because of this, it also offers huge potential for savings through improved demand management, consolidated spend and improved governance.

Virtual CFO and Advisory

Small businesses that hire a Virtual CFO to get access to an experienced financial professional at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. A Virtual CFO oversees the financials to make sure the profit figure reported is a true and fair reflection of the company’s performance for the period. He also makes sure their balance sheet records all the assets and liabilities of the company to make cash planning for the next year as accurate as possible. The services will differ from firm to firm, but usually, a Virtual CFO will:
  • Handle all the duties of a traditional CFO, but work remotely and on a part-time basis.
  • Monitor the financial health and well-being of the business, usually with cloud technology.
  • Offer financial insight and guidance on all company decisions and issues.
  • Provide back-office functions such as managing accounts ledgers, depending on the client and their needs.

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